Israel Seminar Programs
Program Models - Customized to the Interests and Concerns of Each Group

Designed for Christian theology students who spent 1/3 of their time focused on Jews and Israel, 1/3 of their time in the Galilee focused on Christian pilgrimage sites, and 1/3 of their time focused on the Palestinian experience.  This program reflects the first third of their program.

Day 1 

  • Group arrival – bus pickup from Ben Gurion Airport
  • Drive to Jerusalem
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Overview: Holy Land and Modern State

Day 2

  • Study Session: “Jerusalem - Political and Spiritual Center” – Marcie Lenk
  • Excursion through the Old City: “Jerusalem: Three Faiths”
  • Lunch in the Old City
  • Israel Museum – tour of the Dead Sea scrolls exhibit led by director of the Shrine of the Book
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Study Session: “The State of Israel: Jewish and Democratic” – Marcie Lenk

Day 3

  • Study Session: Orthodox Jewish Communities
  • Meet at Kurdish synagogue with local Mizrahi teacher: “Liturgy of Arab Jews”
  • Walking tour through Nahlaot neighborhood
  • Lunch and free time in Mahane Yehuda market
  • Preparation for Shabbat
  • Study Session: “What is the Sabbath?”
  • Shabbat dinner as a group at hotel

Day 4

  • Walking tour: “Jerusalem: Old Traditions, New City”
  • Free time for lunch and shopping in the Old City
  • Study Session: “Secular Jews”
  • Dinner
  • Evening of Song and Prayer with local song leader 

Day 5 

  • Sunday Worship at St. George’s Cathedral
  • Study Session: “Christians in Israel”
  • Summing up