Israel Seminar Programs
Program Models - Customized to the Interests and Concerns of Each Group

This program was designed for Christians who wanted to go beyond the headlines, to focus on the experiences, texts, and perspectives that are defining the culture, politics, and religious life of the region today.

This program focused on faith, place, and conflict, designed for graduate students who would be teaching a course on this topic.  They met with Jews, Christians and Muslims who can be described as moderates and extremists, including Jewish settlers and Palestinian activists.

Designed for Christian theology students who spent 1/3 of their time focused on Jews and Israel, 1/3 of their time in the Galilee focused on Christian pilgrimage sites, and 1/3 of their time focused on the Palestinian experience.  This program reflects the first third of their program.

Designed for a group of Christian and Jewish clergy, this program was designed to challenge participants to experience the people, places, and politics of the Holy Land through each other's eyes. Many participants had been to Israel on previous trips, but everyone returned home with new perspectives on the Israel/Palestine and with deeper connections to their local clergy neighbors.