Travel to the Holy Land
Tours Exploring Faith and the Challenges of Coexistence

Study Tours Exploring the Spectrum of Religious Identities and the Daily Realities of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Palestine and Israel

Explore the roots of your faith and consider the ways in which the Jews, Muslims, and Christians who live in this land confront the challenges of sharing the land. Whether you dream of following in the footsteps of Jesus and King David – or want to learn about the contemporary issues facing local faith communities – study tours with Dr. Marcie Lenk provide a powerful opportunity to go beyond the headlines, learn more about your own basic texts, experience religious life in the Holy Land, and meet some of the different kinds of people who live there.

Dr. Marcie Lenk, a Jewish scholar with degrees in Jewish and Christian studies, bridges worlds and opens up new understandings among people of different faiths. She brings to her teachings a passion for promoting coexistence among all of the peoples of Palestine and Israel – and a deep respect for Christianity and Islam, together with the in-depth knowledge of Judaism that reflects her own religious identity as a practicing Jew.

Marcie enables academic and religious tour groups to meet with local Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders, while also providing group participants with opportunities to gain insight into the lives of the “ordinary” individuals who live in the Holy Land.

Each of her programs is tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of its participants, with some focusing on sacred music & art, others including opportunities for hiking, and still others providing exposure to the work of local NGOs and social justice groups that promote coexistence.

Marcie’s study tours not only bring you to visit places of biblical importance, they challenge you to consider the layers of meaning of biblical stories – from antiquity until today. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a diverse group of individuals in Palestine and Israel across the spectrum of religious faiths – exposing differing historical and religious narratives while providing a window into understanding the kinds of day-to-day challenges faced by people of all political and religious associations in the Holy Land.

“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?” – Amos 3:3